Alloy 347 stainless-steel plates in thicknesses from 3/16″ through 4”. A very high carbon version, Alloy 347H stainless-steel plate, may also be ordered in a similar thickness range.
Alloy 347 is stabilized stainless-steel plate that provides as it is major benefit an outstanding resistance to intergranular rust following exposure to temperature in the chromium carbide precipitation range between 800 to 1500°F ( 427 to 816°C ) . Alloy 347 stainless-steel plate is stabilized by the adding of columbium and also tantalum.
Alloy 347 stainless-steel plate can be beneficial for high-temperature services due to its good quality mechanized properties. Alloy 347 stainless-steel plate provides increased creep and also stress rupture properties compared to Alloy 304 and also , especially , Alloy 304L , that could also be being considered for exposures exactly where sensitization and also intergranular corrosion are concerns .