Incoloy 800 is also known as Alloy 800. Its nickel-iron-chromium composition makes it useful in environments with temperatures up to 1100° F. Incoloy 800/H/HT are used in areas where resistance to corrosion and oxidation is crucial.
Incoloy 800H has the same composition as Alloy 800: a nickel-iron-chromium alloy. However, Incoloy 800H has superior resistance to creep rupture compared to Alloy 800. The increased strength results from a high temperature anneal of carbon, aluminum and titanium added into the composition. The additions serve to increase Incoloy 800 H’s strength and temperature resistance, along with resistance to carbonization and oxidation.
Incoloy 800 HT has the same chemical makeup as Incoloy 800 H but for the differences in carbon, aluminum and titanium quantities. Incoloy 800 H has more carbon, but Incoloy 800 HT is composed of more aluminum and titanium. This gives 800 HT even greater resistance to high temperatures. Incoloy 800 H/HT are recommended for temperatures exceeding 1100° F, often in instances where stainless steels are subject to crack and creep. The Incoloy alloys are commonly used in high temperature environments, such as industrial furnaces, chemical and nuclear vessels, and heat-treating equipment. Both Incoloy 800 H and 800 HT are dually certified.