UNS S31700/S31703 popularly referred to as Stainless Steel 317/317L is specifically a version of Stainless Steel 317, but low in carbon content for welded structures.
They have certain features and advantages—both for Stainless Steel 317 and 317/317L—that makes them unique when in use .They are as follows; they demonstrate increased strength when in use, they are highly corrosion resistant, and exhibit it for both crevice and pitting corrosion. They have higher tensile strength and the stress-to-rupture ratio is magnificent. Both grades have a high resist to pitting when immersed in acetic and phosphoric acids.
With regards to the cold working of SS 317/317L, it is possible to achieve stamping, shearing, drawing, etc successfully. Furthermore, annealing can be carried out on both grades at a temperature between 1850 F and 2050 F, and rapid cooling can commence afterwards. It might interest you to know that all commonly known hot working processes can be performed with SS 317/317L at a temperature between 2100 F and 2300 F.