Stainless-steel 316 is the basic molybdenum-bearing quality, second in value to SS 304 among the austenitic stainless steel steels. The molybdenum provides SS 316 much better overall rust resistant properties compared to Stainless-steel 304, especially much higher resilience to pitting and also crevice corrosion in chloride conditions. Stainless-steel 316 possesses outstanding forming and also welding features. It will be easily brake or even roll formed into a range of parts for applications in the industrial, architectural design, and also transport fields. SS 316 also offers excellent welding features. Post-weld annealing is not needed while welding slim parts.
SS 316L , the lower carbon type of SS 316 it is immune from sensitisation ( grain boundary carbide precipitation ) .SS 316H , with it is much higher carbon content possesses application at raised temperatures , just like SS 316Ti that is a Titanium stabilised grade .SS 316N is nitrogen advanced with greater durability than SS 316 .