Stainless steel 310, was made for high temperature applications and therefore, it carries exceptional high temperature characteristics i.e. excellent in welding and good ductility. Alloy 310 also possess good resistance to oxidation under temperature as high as 1150°C, given the condition that there are no reducing sulfur gases. Stainless Steel 310 is also used for unsteady service at temperatures up to 1040°C.
On the other hand, alloy 310S is applied in environments that include moist corrodents within a temperature scale which is generally not taken in “high temperature” service. Also, due to lower concentration of carbon content in stainless steel 310S, its high temperature strength is not as high as found in SS 310.
Alloy 310H contains high carbon content, it was designed to have increased creep resistance. Most of the times the grain size and carbon content of the plate can be used with both SS 310S and SS 310H alloys.
Uses of SS 310 and SS 310S
• Cryogenic components
• To process food
• Furnaces like burners, doors, fans, piping and recuperators
• In steel plants
• In cement plants