Sanicro 28 is a multi-purpose austenitic stainless steel ELC alloy for services in highly
Corrosive conditions. Sanicro 28 is characterized by:

• Extremely high corrosion resistance in solid acids
• Good resistance to stress and also intergranular rust in different environments
• Very good resistance to pitting and also crevice corrosion
• High-quality weldability

Sanicro 28 provides outstanding corrosion resistance in , for instance , caustic and acidic applications which includes sulphuric and higher chloride environments . It may also be utilized at increased temperatures.
Outstanding resistance to sulphide cracking
Sanicro 28 is popular, for instance, in hydrogen sulphide that contains environments within the oil and gas industry. This is exactly because of the material’s outstanding resistance to sulphide cracking in conditions characterized by increased levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and also chlorides (Cl-). Samples of applications are manufacturing tubing (OCTG) and heat exchangers utilized in the processing of sour crude.
The mixture of molybdenum and also nickel in Sanicro 28 prevents cracking due to polythionic acid attack during equipment set up and close down. The quality can be used in oil refineries to decrease the effects of naphthenic acid corrosion