Monel 400 is a nickel-copper alloy with 67% Nickel and 23% Copper. It is known for its resistance against quite a few substances like water, salt, caustic solutions and steam. Monel Alloy 400 is solid solution alloy that can easily be hardened by cold working.
Alloy 400 is well resistant to corrosion, holds high strength and has good ability to be welded. Monel 400 possesses amazing mechanical characteristics at subzero temperatures. Its melting point is 2370-2460° F, and it is easy to use up to the temperature as high as 1000° F. Though, in annealed situation (which is a heat treatment that changes the microstructure of a material and therefore, causes changes in its strength, hardness and ductility), alloy 400 is weak in strength and because of it various tempers are used to increase its strength.

Properties of Monel 400
• It opposes seawater and steam at high temperature.
• Phenomenal resistance to brackish water or seawater.
• Resistant to de-aerated hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.