Nickel-Chromium alloy is known as Inconel 600. Huge parts of its applications involve areas where corrosion and high temperature resistance is needed. This alloy was formed to utilize nickel in high temperature of 2000 ° F. Inconel 600 is amazing with its mechanical properties, also comes with the perfect combination of strength and weldability that can be obtained under the variety of temperatures. Alloy 600 is non-magnetic and has the ability to maintain its resistance under reducing conditions. This is due to the presence of the high nickel content in it which also makes it resistant to a number of organic and inorganic compounds, chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking, as well as alkaline solutions.

Most common applications of Inconel 600
• Chemical
• Pulp and paper
• Aerospace (The field of technology and industry that deals with both aviation and space flight)
• Nuclear Engineering
• Heat dealing factories

Properties of Inconel 600
• Remarkable resistance to a great range of corrosive matter
• Non-Magnetic
• Holds immunity against chlorine ion stress corrosion cracking
• Noteworthy mechanical properties